Responding to today’s report by the Policy Exchange on ‘Prospects for trade and Britain’s maritime ports’, the British Ports Association’s Chief Executive, Richard Ballantynesaid:

“Ports are central to trade and growth. Today’s report by the Policy Exchange highlights that post Brexit, UKports will continue to provide vital economic gateways and that in the future international trade is likely to increase. However the Policy Exchange forecasts that the effect of leaving the EUcould create a short term economic ‘shock’ so it will be important to provide ports with the right regulatory environment to help them progress in the post-Brexit era and supporting the expansion of our global trade opportunities. The report also suggests that following Brexit trade with Europe will continue, which highlights the need to secure a ‘deal’ that ensures traffic continues to flow freely between Britain and Europe and is not delayed at the border.”

On the Government’s Facilitated Customs Arrangement Brexit customs proposals, Mr Ballantyne said:

“We look forward to seeing the details behind the revised Facilitated Customs Arrangement but it does appear to aim to preserve the seamless facilitation of trade between the UKand the EU. We understand there will be challenges to overcome but we welcome the Prime Minister’s aspirations to find a trade friendly Brexit deal.”

Source: British Ports Association (, 5 July 2018