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Port of London Authority (PLA) employees gathered today (1 April 2019) at their bases along the tidal Thames to mark the 110thanniversary of the organisation’s creation in 1909.

The PLA oversees one of the country’s biggest ports and its busiest waterway for freight movements and passenger travel. The tidal Thames is also a growing centre for sport and recreation. Long-term plans for increasing use of the 95 miles of tidal river – the Thames Vision – were launched by the PLA in 2016.

The Port of London is woven into everyday life across the capital, the South East and beyond. Everything from your morning coffee to your laptop and the fuel in your car is likely to have come in via terminals on the Thames.

“This is a really important milestone,” said PLA chief executive, Robin Mortimer. “The Thames of today is a success story. Last year saw a peak in port trade – over 53 million tonnes – not seen for more than a decade. New development projects are continuing too, which will sustain port growth over the coming years.

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