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An energy firm hopes to construct a massive natural gas power station and a hydrogen generation plant in Grangemouth

GBTron Power Ltd, part of Singapore-based energy company LNG9, considered a number of sites in Scotland, but has now reached an initial agreement with Forth Ports to begin detailed feasibility studies on land and river berthing for its proposed operations at Grangemouth.
The £2.5 billion proposal will create up to 2500 new jobs during the construction phase, and many hundreds of direct and indirect full-time skilled jobs once the power station is operational.
The firm has informed both the UK and Scottish Governments of its plans and is in initial discussion with Falkirk Council about its proposals

GBtron Power Ltd hopes to site a £2.5 billion carbon capture plant in Grangemouth

A GBTron Power Ltd spokesperson said: “Our proposals support the UK and Scottish Governments’ carbon reduction targets, particularly given our intention to produce hydrogen, which can be utilised to replace existing carbon fuels.”
The plans also offer the prospect of advancing national Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) targets by capturing CO2 emissions generated by the proposed 2.4 GW power plant and then transferring them by pipeline for permanent storage below the North Sea.
Scottish Government support for CCS is one of the key reasons behind GBTron’s proposals and site selection.

Aberdeen-based company, Pale Blu Dot, has been selected to develop the proposal for the CCS options as part of the feasibility studies.
GBTron believes that Scotland is uniquely placed for the development of a power plant with net-zero carbon emissions because of the potential to link to a CCS solution in the North Sea . . . .
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