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Port operator Able UK is in talks with a number of manufacturing companies to set up offshore wind facilities at its Humber site in north-east England.
Executive chairman Peter Stephenson said the port location is “uniquely placed” to be part of the offshore wind vision laid out today by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
The company has already signed an agreement with Korean manufacturer SeAH to set up a monopile fabrication facility at the Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP).
“We are at varying stages of negotiation with a number of manufacturers who clearly recognise the strength of the UK’s offshore wind sector and who, just as significantly, are fully embracing the need to establish a new ‘world-scale’ industrial cluster on the Humber,” said Stephenson.
On Tuesday, Johnson announced £160m will be used to upgrade ports and factories for supplying the offshore wind sector.
Stephenson added: “That the Prime Minister, even in these difficult times, chooses to focus on the burgeoning offshore wind sector is proof positive that the government is seeing the bigger picture and wishes to grasp this singular but time limited opportunity.
“Of course, the reality is that before we can talk about manufacturing and maximising UK content, we need to put the building blocks in place and the fully consented AMEP is uniquely placed to deliver the ideal UK solution.
“Working closely with a number if government departments we are committed to bringing this development to fruition.”
Forth Ports group CEO Charles Hammond said that the Port of Dundee is “ideally placed” to support current and future offshore wind projects.
The port is serving as the construction hub for EDF’s NnG offshore wind project with the Port of Leith.
Forth Ports has invested “tens of . . . .
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