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Based on data collected from ships’ visits to dry bulk terminals, this report evaluates dry bulk terminals’ performance during the period from January 2015 to December 2018.

After each port call, ships’ officers complete and submit a quick survey.

Access the questionnaire

The questionnaire is divided into the following five main categories:

  • mooring and berth arrangements
  • terminal services
  • terminal equipment
  • information exchange between the ship and the terminal
  • loading and unloading handling.

After receiving a minimum of five reports for a particular terminal, the results will be shown with a star rating, which provides a quick overview of its performance.

All information submitted in response to the dry bulk terminal vetting questionnaire will be anonymised so that your identity and that of your ships remains confidential.

BIMCO will protect all such information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification, loss or theft.

The table below shows the status of the 38 terminals that have received more than five reports. The results of the vetting scheme will be updated on the website twice a year on 1 January and 1 July.

Szczecin Poland PL-SZZ
Quebec Canada CA-QUE
Newcastle Australia AU-NTL
Gladstone Australia AU-GLT
Ciénaga Colombia CO-CIE
Port of Moa Cuba CU-MOA
Rio Haina Dominican Republic DO-HAI
Santander Spain ES-SDR
Devonport Australia AU-DPO
Dampier Australia AU-DAM
Bilbao Spain ES-BIO
Thunder Bay Canada CA-THU
Santa Marta Colombia CO-SMR
Richards Bay South Africa ZA-RCB
Cristobal Panama PA-CTB
Puerto Cortes Honduras HN-PCR
Port Alfred Canada CA-PAF
Baton Rouge United States of America US-BTR
Puerto Cabello Venezuela VE-PBL
Galveston United States of America US-GLS
Xiamen China CN-XMN
Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe GP-PTP
Port Hedland Australia AU-PHE
Tampa United States of America US-TPA
Tianjin China CN-TXG
Vancouver Canada CA-VAN
New Orleans United States of America US-MSY
Cartagena Colombia CO-CTG
Fort-de-France Martinique MQ-FDF
Point Comfort United States of America US-PCR
Port Arthur United States of America US-POA
Veracruz Mexico MX-VER
Barranquilla Colombia CO-BAQ
Kingston Jamaica JM-KIN
Houston United States of America US-HOU
Altamira Mexico MX-ATM
Port-au-Prince Haiti HT-PAP
Lake Charles United States of America US-LCH

Once a year BIMCO will publish a detailed report, which presents the collected data in a structured and accessible format. The report will contain figures and charts for a simple comparison and ranking of each terminal’s performance, together with comments received from ships. The report will be free of charge for BIMCO members. The report can be used as guidance for planning calls at terminals around the world. The data gathered will be published through the appropriate BIMCO media and the results will be an important tool in the dialogue between ships, owners and terminals especially when encouraging terminals to improve any identified failings.

Please be aware that this isn’t a “one-off” survey. We need ships to complete the questionnaire every time they leave a terminal to keep the information available up to date. It is therefore really important we receive as much data as possible. The number of reports is directly linked to the data quality thereby ensuring the strength and value of the information we will provide. Obtaining first-hand user information in this way enables BIMCO to gather the knowledge necessary to compare the performance of terminals around the world and provide a useful service to the industry.


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