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Discover how Bolina booms help protect biodiversity on the River Bure in the United Kingdom with the PDB600.
The Eel Regulation Compliance project at the River Bure in Belaugh, Norfolk, England, is an ambitious project driven by the need for the Essex and Suffolk Water company to comply with the Eels Regulations act of 2009 that aims to implement recovery measures in all freshwater and estuarine waters in England and Wales.

The project on the River Bure is focused on the installation of eel friendly screening equipment at an abstraction point on the river, with its successful delivery set to improve the biodiversity in the river. The Belaugh intake remained operational throughout the duration of works, with only short shutdowns required. The main construction works included the installation of drum-shaped screens underwater on the front of the existing concrete structure, while protective piling and a floating boom have been installed in the river to shield the structure from boats and floating debris.
This is why we were approached, with the client asking us to find a solution to protect the screens from passing water traffic and floating debris. The solution proposed was to use the Bolina Permanent Debris Boom (PDB600), customized along with SP3 1.0-metre Ø yellow color floats. The size of the boom supplied was approximately 11-metres
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