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Resilience planning is under way and UKports have been working constructively with the Government to explore ways to mitigate the possible cross border issues that might arise at Roll-on Roll-off ports in the short term, in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. However there are still concerns about the level of preparedness of the wider logistics sector and what the impact of a ‘no-deal’ might mean for the economy following the publication of the Government’s Brexit economic impact assessments. This week also saw the UKPrime Minister introduce measures in Parliament allowing for a possible short extension of the Brexit Article 50 deadline.

Commenting on the developments in Westminster and following a meeting with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and Ports and Shipping Minister Nusrat Ghani to discuss ports’ Brexit preparedness, the British Ports Association’ Chief Executive, Richard Ballantyne said:

“These are unprecedented times and the level of Government emergency planning in our sector is cranking up. We would hope that all parts of Government are working together and sharing information when it comes to resilience planning. Local Resilience Forums are key organisations in bringing together commercial operators and public agencies to ensure that all are working together and with the same understanding. Some of the Government’s planning assumptions need refinement but there is certainly a good dialogue locally.

The full British Ports Association post is available on their website here