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The BPA are attending Party Conferences this year and Policy Manager Mark Simmonds was with Labour in Liverpool this week following the developments.

Talk of a second referendum is dominating the headlines at Labour Conference this week, but on the fringes and behind the protests and set-piece events there was plenty of other discussions of interest to ports.

The BPAkicked off by joining Maritime UK’s lunch with former ship broker and Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, Barry Gardiner, as well as a number of shadow Ministers and Labour MPs. Mr Gardiner gave a frank assessment of the challenges and opportunities arising from Brexit for the sector. The perils of having lunch on a boat soon became apparent with several gravy spillages lightening the mood ahead of some lively discussions on the growing likelihood of a ‘no deal’ EUexit, the Maritime industrial strategy sector deal bid, port connectivity, the profile of the ports sector, and Labour’s Build it in Britain campaign. The campaign is seeking to award more public sector contracts to British shipyards, amongst other things, and was introduced by Glasgow MPPaul Sweeney, who is a Shadow Scotland Minister in Westminster. We were pleased to have the opportunity to also speak to the shadow Ministers for Wales and Skills.

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