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BREXIT is offering a “once in a generation” opportunity to revitalise Britain’s fishing industry and coastal communities, with the potential to create up to 60,000 new jobs, the chief executive of the British Ports Association has said.

The report, entitled A New Deal for British Ports, sets out a detailed post-Brexit strategy for an industry which has been a focal point of the debate.


The UK’s fisheries can thrive after Brexit, the report suggests (Image: GETTY)

British fishermen

The BPA plan sets out a number of proposals aimed at boosting the UK’s fishing industry (Image: BPA)

Among the concerns raised are the fact that currently, just 36 percent of the fish in UK waters is caught by UK boats, with £260 millon of the quota landed it in 2017.

In addition, £850 million worth of fish was caught by foreign boats in UK waters in 2016.

The BPA argues the extra quota should be landed in the UK – irrespective of whether it is caught by UK or foreign vessels – where it could create 60,000 jobs. . . . .

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