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PSS has been central to evolving understanding, creating consensus, and building a shared vision of future success. This journey was fine-tuned 3 years ago with the creation of the sector priorities and the subsequent restructure of PSS into delivering what is now known as the ‘Whole Person Approach’. Helping members build effective H&S culture is an important cornerstone of this strategy.

However, H&S Culture is a wide-ranging and highly nuanced topic. Members have continuously approached PSS to request a guide for enabling a positive H&S culture over the last few years.  The problem is magnified because one size does not fit all ports spread across the breadth of the UK. Creating a template that could be adopted by other organisations on the H&S culture journey is quite the challenge

With this in mind and embracing the safety II principles that a good starting point is to learn from current success. We collectively set out to document which H&S cultural initiatives have already proved successful in a port environment and distil them into key ideas that could be applied in other organisations.

The Good Practice Guide to Building Effective H&S Culture was conducted across different UK port sector organisations. It has generated a model based on the collective shared experience of what has practically worked across the sector.

The full model and report is available in the attachments below


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