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Plans for a £1.7 billion project in Swansea, Wales, that will include a newly-designed tidal lagoon, featuring state-of-the-art underwater turbines generating 320MW of renewable energy from the 9.5km structure, have been unveiled by an international consortium.

The Blue Eden project – which will be delivered in three phases over 12 years – is being led by Bridgend-based DST Innovations and a number of business partners, with support from Swansea Council and Associated British Ports.

The project will include a number of facilities, including a 60,000 square metre manufacturing plant to make high-tech batteries for renewable energy storage and a battery facility that will store the renewable energy produced at Blue Eden and power the site. If constructed now, it would be the world’s largest facility of its kind

The project would also include a 72,000 square metre floating solar array anchored in the Queen’s dock area; a 94,000 square metre data centre; an oceanic and climate change research centre; residential waterfront homes for 5,000 people; and approximately 150 floating, highly energy-efficient eco-homes anchored in the water

Blue Eden will be sited along an extensive area of land and water, to the south of the Prince of Wales Dock in the SA1 area of Swansea. All the project’s buildings and facilities, including the eco-homes, will be situated alongside the lagoon and will utilise and enhance the existing land in the area.

Blue Eden will create over 2,500 permanent jobs and support a further 16,000 jobs across Wales and the UK, while creating additional jobs during its construction . . . .

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