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Portsmouth International Port (PIP) is keen to become the first UK port to have zero-emission operations, as outlined in the UK government’s Maritime 2050 report.

Portsmouth International Port

Portsmouth International Port’s terminal building is already carbon neutral. Credit: Portsmouth International Port

The report stated that in the next 5-15 years the UK government will aims for at least one major port in the UK to have zero-emissions across all its ship-side activity. PIP confirmed it hadn’t engaged in discussion with the government, which has not disclosed whether it has discussed the plan with any UK port so far.

“We’d like to be the first,” said port director Mike Sellers. “We’re aware of the government’s plan and we’re engaging with consultants at the moment to look at how we can be the first.”

Air Quality Strategy

PIP is currently working towards its first Air Quality Strategy, which all UK ports are required to have produced by December.

Formal guidance, due this spring, has not yet been issued by the government. Collaborating with the City of Portsmouth, which has its own DEFRA director, PIP is in the process of creating an action plan to include eco-efficient equipment and solar energy, but “we need that guidance first as to what the Department for Transport want,” Mr Sellers stressed.

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