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Like the rest of the economy the Coronavirus has had a big impact on the UK ports sector. It continues to do so and will create a ‘new normal’.

We’ve produced a blog of what we’ve seen so far, plus what we think the immediate and longer terms implications could be. Some key points

  • The UK ports sector has risen magnificently to the challenges of the COVID19 crisis with a tremendous response by ports all across the sector, their operators and their staff.
  • Ports have remained open and appropriately distanced so that we’ve been able to maintain our role as the main gateways for the UK with the world for trade
  • Our challenges are not just our own – we face ‘liquidity contagion’ from other businesses
  • The challenges are far from over – business will be significantly down through Q2 and into some of Q3
  • The immediate post crisis investment landscape will be tough and that will require action from industry and Government
  • There are still major public health challenges to be met but its possible to see how the accelerated evolution of the current period will shape the ‘new normal’

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