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Fleet of massive red cranes arriving on the Mersey today as part of £400m project

A huge fleet of cranes will arrive on the Mersey today as part of a massive £400 million project.

The Liverpool2 project will see a number of cantilever rail-mounted gantry (CRMG) cranes arriving at 2pm on Thursday, March 4.

(CRMG) cranes arriving in Liverpool

The cranes will be visible from Crosby beach at around 12pm.

Produced by Chinese manufacturer Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co (ZPMC), the cranes are the first of two deliveries set for 2021 which will complete the fleet already being used in the £400 million Liverpool2 project.

It is hoped the new cranes will provide additional capacity for growing volumes of cargo.

Peels Ports Group said the deep-water terminal, which includes the multi-million expansion at Liverpool2, will increase capabilities and support increased demand.

And once complete, the Liverpool-based container terminal will be capable of handling the largest ships in the world.

Arriving from Shanghai, the cranes will have travelled 11,831 nautical miles to make it to Liverpool.

Each crane measures 35 metres in height with a weight of around 500 tonnes.

David Huck, Managing Director, Peel Ports Group said: “The dynamism and strength of the business gives us the confidence to continue to grow and invest.

“Throughout 2021, future-proofing will be at the forefront of our business model, driving forward with planned investments in our people, processes and technology.

“We are on course to achieve our ambitious growth plans to drive UK container market share to 20% by 2025. Liverpool2 is already one of the world’s most modern shipping terminals and we have no plans of slowing down any time soon . . . .

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