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Deadline to act on giant cement works plan for Sheerness Docks

Today (Wednesday) is the last day for comments to be lodged on plans to build a giant cement works in Sheerness Docks.

Hercules Enterprises is applying to Kent County Council for permission for a plant to create up to 500,000 tonnes of cement a year. Raw materials will be imported through the docks.

In a public notice advert, KCC admitted the proposal “may affect the character and or appearance of the Sheerness Royal Naval Dockyard and Blue Town Conservation Area” and it may also affect the setting of a listed building.

The highest part of the plant will stand at 173ft (52m), taller than Nelson’s Column (169ft) in Trafalgar Square. Admiral Nelson, who was no stranger to Sheerness, might be turning in his grave.

Jacqui Henderson is among those who have already objected.

She said:

“This cement plant will be churning out 500,000 tonnes a year. Gone will be lovely beach days, replaced with acrid smell, dangerous pollution and massive trucks using one road into docks 24/7. We must oppose this.”

Gillie Marshall-Howells added:

“It doesn’t appear to have been widely advertised. The council decided it doesn’t need to advise neighbours of the application.”

The health and environmental implications are huge with three primary schools close by. It will also affect historical Grade I listed buildings within the dockyard.” . . . . . 

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Deadline to act on giant cement works plan for Sheerness Docks