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A new collaboration between commercial vessel operator GPS Marine and Green Biofuels has seen the deployment of a new bunker barge on the River Thames to supply hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) GreenD+ fuel.

The companies commenced their partnership last year by bunkering the Thames Tideway Tug pulling barges with GreenD+ to one of London’s largest construction projects: the new ‘Super Sewer’.

This week, their new fuel bunker barge, the Dispenser will be refuelling the tug delivering tunnel lining ring segments for the Thames Tideway Central Section as well as supplying other commercial vessels on and around the Thames.

The Dispenser, a refurbished barge, is expected to help make an annual carbon emissions saving equivalent to 3,861 tonnes of CO2e. Green Biofuels has worked in conjunction with GPS Marine and Stolthaven Terminal to allow the Dispenser to load directly from the terminal to the river, removing the need for on-road delivery tankers in the supply chain to fuel river vessels.

According to Green Fuels, independent tests at the Millbrook specialist vehicle testing facility have shown that compared to standard diesel emissions, Green D+ has up to an 85% reduction in particulates, and up to a 30% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx).

In further independent trials with Red Funnel Ferries in 2018, Green Fuels says switching from marine gasoil to Green D+ resulted in emissions reductions of up to 30% NOx and 70% of total particulate matter.

John Spencer, CEO of GPS Marine, said: ‘We are both proud and excited to be working with the passionate team at Green Biofuels. Using GreenD+, we don’t have to wait for government policy or intervention, we can make a difference right now . . . .

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