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Tuesday 5th January 2021
Transport guidance concerning the lockdownin England
Due to the rapid rise of coronavirus cases across the country, you will know that a new lockdown in England has been announced. You must not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse (for example, for work or education purposes). If you need to travel you should stay local –meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live –and look to reduce the number of journeys you make overall. Full details here. The guidance states: Public Transport
•You may only leave your home for work if you cannot reasonably work from home.
•If you need to travel, walk or cycle where possible, plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes on public transport. This will allow you to practice social distancing while you travel.
•If you need to use public transport, you should follow the safer travel guidance
.International Travel
•You can only travel internationally –or within the UK –where you first have a legally permitted reason to leave home. You should not travel abroad unless it is permitted. This means you must not go on holiday.In addition, you should consider the public health advice in the country you are visiting
Wednesday 6th January 2021
Updated transport guidance published on GOV.UK
Please be aware thatupdated transport guidancerelated to the restrictions in England isnow available at the below links onGOV.UK.
•Safer travel guidance for passengers
•Safer transport guidance for operators
•Guidance fordrivers, operators and owners of taxis and private hire vehicles
General Aviation in England