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Global trade enabler DP World has upgraded its “Where’s my container?” cargo tracking tool to provide more supply chain visibility. It will now offer advanced tracking for users of DP World’s London Gateway and Southampton ports, providing even more visibility and enabling users to plan, adapt and drive efficiencies.

“Where’s my container?” was first launched in 2012 in response to the lack of visibility of cargo as it navigates supply chains. Combining an easy-to-use visual interface with a range of new features, it will provide cargo owners, freight forwarders and supply chain partners with better real-time information on the progress of cargo. Features include estimated discharge times once a vessel is in-bound to the port, through to notification by SMS or email when the container is ready to book for collection coupled with historical information that keeps a record of a container’s journey.

The tool includes all the same functionality users have come to rely on from DP World which was the first business to give them information about their cargo as it moved through its UK ports. The new upgrade will give customers access to information about containers’ status at either DP World London Gateway or Southampton in one central place. It allows searches of multiple containers at a time and will help enable more accurate coordination of haulage and prioritisation of containers for distribution centres.  While enabling better forward planning and the ability to adapt quickly to disruption or changing customer demands.

The provision of historical data also provides for more accurate auditing, allowing firms to have 360 degree visibility of cargo transit to provide financial clarity at every stage of the port supply chain. Push notifications will also enable real-time decision making, helping users to react quickly to potential business challenges.

Chris Lewis, UK CEO, DP World, said: “Traditionally, it’s been difficult to track cargo movements in ports which affects the ability to adapt plans that really impact the bottom line for business. That’s why we introduced “Where’s my container?” so they could make informed business decisions that drive profitability.

“This new enhanced tool will enable users to boost their competitiveness through increased operational efficiency; and some of those already using the original version have been able to reduce their in-land distribution windows by up to two days – a significant cost saving. As the shipping industry becomes increasingly digitised and organisations continue to look for new ways to use data to boost their bottom line, we plan to remain dynamic by evolving this service in-line with this fast-changing industry.”

Source:, 7 May 2018