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Plans for a new multimodal centre for manufacturing, logistics and energy on Scotland’s west coast have received support from energy company E.ON as its owners prepare the site for significant development.

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC), which includes one of the deepest ports on the UK’s west coast, is being developed by Peel Ports, one of the largest port groups in the UK. E.ON will provide strategic support to assess the project’s viability and identifying a range options for providing efficient, secure and more sustainable sources of energy for customers locating on the Hunterston site.

The relationship will see E.ON helping Peel Ports to develop attractive energy solutions for investors and operators on the site, with the potential for renewables facilities and innovative energy approaches. The 200 acre site is expected to attract significant interest from energy-intensive industries looking to tap into cost competitive, on-site power.

Located on the Firth of Clyde in Ayrshire, 40 miles west of Glasgow, Hunterston PARC is being marketed by JLL Scotland. With infrastructure suited for manufacturing, processing, recycling and innovation, the site combines a deepwater port with road and rail connections, including two on-site rail terminals linked to the Largs/Glasgow line.

Gary Hodgson, Strategic Projects Director at Peel Ports, said: “We’re really pleased to be working with E.ON to develop our offering at Hunterston PARC. With E.ON’s extensive experience in delivering reliable and lower carbon energy solutions for business we’re confident that we can bring together some of Scotland’s most energy-intensive industries with affordable and sustainable on-site power and heat generation, and transform the site into a strategic energy hub offering self-sustaining and cost-effective operating solutions,”

Jim Cleland (UK Country Lead, Industrial Generation) at E.ON, added: “The opportunity presented by Hunterston PARC clearly fits with E.ON’s ambitions across Europe to provide smarter, lower carbon energy solutions such as integrated battery storage and combined heat and power systems. We have worked with Peel Ports for many years and this is an exciting chance to explore further opportunities, clearly focused on minimising the overall environmental impact for the long term whilst meeting customers’ expectations in terms of cost and energy security.

Source: Peel Ports, 6 February 2018