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With less than a year to go before the 2020 sulphur cap enters into force, the shipping industry is facing one of the biggest challenges in recent history with regard to selecting the path toward compliance.

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The key options on the table to becoming compliant are scrubbers and compliant fuels, including low-sulphur fuel and alternative marine fuels such as LNG, LPG or even methanol.

However, the key dilemma seems to be choosing between exhaust gas cleaning technology and compliant fuels, as owners eye savings on Opex and Capex, while at the same time looking to reap potential windfalls from investments.

As a result the bunker supply industry is expected to be impacted considerably.

“I think that as far as bunker supply goes, people have to understand the whole world of bunkering is changing,”Paddy Rodgers, CEO of Belgian-based tanker shipping major Euronav, said in a conference call on Thursday.

“If people are going to be buying a product now, which is desulphurized product, they’re going to need a quality assurance and they’re going to need provenance of origin.”

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