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Foreshore clearance at Langstone Harbour         


When we started the Eastney Foreshore clearance at Langstone Harbour in January 2022 there were 120 wrecked, abandoned or project vessels run up the beach, in various stages of neglect.

The first issue faced was establishing ownership- not of the vessels, but of the issue itself! Canvassing and highlighting the issue to the Local Authority and enabling them to clear their ‘share’ of the vessels effectively has been a huge boost.

The next issue was establishing the ownership of the vessels, and the right to remove them through either statutory or land controller rights.

The final, and often the most challenging issue: Finance. This is an expensive project which does not immediately offer financial insentive, although the socio-environmental rewards are huge. This is an issue that must be tackled, locally and across the country. So far I have managed to cut the costs down to less than half what was initially expected, and often this means responsible owners have the opportunity to do the right thing.

We started removals in May 2022

I am happy to report that of the 120 vessels run up the foreshore to date;

54 have been disposed of.
30 have been returned to a mooring by owner. 8 planned to be removed by the owner.
28 more vessels are scheduled for disposal.

70% of the clearance complete in 6 months despite budgetary issues!

I’m less happy to report that this represents tonnes upon tonnes of fibreglass sent to landfill. However it is substantially better than slowly disintegrating in a SSSI/RAMSAR Harbour!

I can’t wait to share the before and after photos- watch out for that in the near future!

If you are facing a similar issue in your harbour/port/marina then please get in touch!

Article in “The News” Portsmouth:

Row erupts after boat owners along shore at Eastney given seven days to move vessels the council claims are ‘abandoned’ or ‘wrecked’

A ROW has erupted after frustrated boat owners were given just one week to move their vessels from a stretch of shore in Eastney, or face them being taken away by the city council.

The beleaguered boat owners, who have used the land at the end of Ferry Road for years, claim the authority is ‘going to war’ with them – after 30 crafts were slapped with ‘abandoned property’ stickers on Wednesday.

They say the majority of boats on the beach are not abandoned, with several still in need of repairs following the effects of Storm Eunice in February before being moved but would ‘be happy’ to direct the council to the legitimately abandoned vessels for disposal.

However, they believe the wider area could be set for some kind of regeneration – with talk of new pontoons being set up along the shore to allow for mooring.

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Foreshore clearance at Langstone Harbour