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Malta Freeport Terminals says that it has been incorrectly linked to a dispute concerning licensed port workers with the Freeport.

Licensed port workers, numbering around 380, are self employed and their employment is regulated by laws and managed by the Malta Dockers Union – not by the Freeport – and are licensed to load and discharge cargo and containers at any port in Malta.

As with other terminals, such as the Valletta Gateway Terminal (VGT), the Freeport is required by law to only engage the services of licensed port workers to carry out specific tasks that include lashing and unlashing of containers, driving trucks (known as tugs) and twist lock handling.

In order to engage the services of licensed port workers for their operational requirements, terminalssuch as the Freeport liaise directly with the Malta Dockers Union and Transport Malta – not with workers themselves – and compile rosters accordingly.

Licences for port workers are issued by the Port Workers Board, and a 10-year service agreement (signed in May 2010) is in force between the Freeport and the Malta Dockers Union concerning working conditions and regulations including the services and payments provided to the licensed port workers at the Freeport.

While the Freeport makes extensive use of their services, it reiterates once again that it is not in any way involved in this dispute between licensed port workers and the Malta Dockers Union.

Source:, 10 November 2017