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Brexit tensions over Britain re-claiming British waters and not allowing the EU access to our fisheries could potentially see chaos at UK ports.

Tensions with French fishermen could see blockades at the Port of Dover CEO Doug Bannister warned, following the UK leaving the Brexit transition.

Speaking on Sky News Ian King Live programme, Bannister said he is confident port authorities will robustly deal with the threat.

He told King that if the French do follow through with their threat it will cause disruption, whether there is any success of trade talks.

King asked, “What about the possibility of blockades at Calais?

“That is being suggested that French fishermen may do, that would have a knock-on effect at Dover very rapidly, wouldn’t it?”

Bannister said, “Certainly in times when we have seen disruption on the French end or when we had volume surge with ash clouds that effected aviation we could see these disruptive events happening.”

He said that they are quick at resolving disruption and resolving such incidents.

He said, “But the one thing that Dover time and time again has proven is that our recovery is very swift.

“We can clear the backlog, get the transport moving and get business back to normal within days of an event.”

Bannister added, “Certainly last year when we were spending a lot of time on no deal planning one of the key issues was driver preparedness or trade readiness.

“What we have been saying all along, drivers and indeed haulage companies and logistics need to prepare the customs documentation far up the supply chain.

“This is so by the time the traffic presents itself and the port it is border ready . . . .

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