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A CRUISE ship being brought to Falmouth from Estonia to house 1,000 extra police officers for next week’s G7 summit is to be targeted by environmental action group Ocean Rebellion.

Devon and Cornwall Police have chartered the mega ferry MS Silja Europa, one of the world’s largest cruise/ferries to accommodate around 1,000 officers being drafted into Cornwall to protect leaders of the G7 meeting in Carbis Bay next month. The 60,000 ton ship will be moored at Falmouth Docks for ten days.

The co-founder of Falmouth based Ocean Rebellion, Rob Higgs says the group hasn’t exactly worked out what the final messaging for the protest is going to be because they are still being designed, but their actions will be entirely legal.

“Our messaging will likely centre around the emissions created by this huge ship on its journey from its current location in Estonia near Finland to Cornwall and back just for this job,” he said. “That’s over a 5500km round trip for a 60,000 ton ship.

Ocean Rebellion activists from Cornwall travelled to Weymouth Bay last year to protest against the cruise ship industry (image: STRIKINGFACES)
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