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It includes £235m for staffing and IT systems and £470m for port and inland infrastructure.

More than £700 million is to be spent on building new infrastructure, hiring staff and developing technology to ensure Britain’s border systems are fully operational when the UK leaves the EU at the end of the year.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said the major investment would ensure traders and the border industry are able to “manage the changes and seize the opportunities” when the transition period ends in December.

The £705 million package includes £235 million for staffing and IT systems, and £470 million for port and inland infrastructure to ensure compliance with new customs procedures and controls.

New border infrastructure will be built inland where there is no space at ports, while ports will get one-off financial support to ensure the right infrastructure is in place.


Of the £235 million for staffing and IT systems:

– £100 million will be used to develop HMRC systems to reduce the burden on traders.

– £20 million will be spent on new equipment to keep the country safe.

– £15 million will go towards building new data infrastructure to enhance border flow and management.

– £10 million will be used to recruit around 500 more Border Force personnel.

The funding relates only to the implementation of the GB-EU border, and the Government is expected to publish specific guidance and measures for Northern Ireland in the coming weeks . . . .

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