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Pronounced… PWERTHELLY!.

A big thank you to Harbour Master Wil Williams and the team at Pwllheli Marina for looking after Good Dog while I took a break in Dorset.

Prior to 1984, Pwllheli was famous for a huge Butlins Camp! After its closure, the council used a £6 million EU grant to redevelop the tiny fishing harbour into a 420 berth marina. Wil, an ex Rolls Royce engineer, took over as HM in 1991 with the enormous job of overseeing this huge project and what a successful job he has made of it. 

What is interesting is that since 2012 boat ownership across the whole of north Wales has declined. Wil also told me that an average sailor keeps their yacht for 7 years while a motor boat owner just 3. I guess that means we love our boats more! (I wonder if anyone reads this!!) .
Anyway thank you very much Wil and team! .
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