Categories: Business, UK Harbour Master AssociationPublished On: 14.06.2020197 words1 min read

AT ASHLEY Nicholson’s first meeting of the UK Harbour Masters Association, she was mistaken for a secretary.

But this week the 33-year-old was appointed the first female president of the organisation, becoming the new face of what she says is a rapidly changing UK maritime industry. As senior harbour master at Grangemouth, which is between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Ms Nicholson runs a vital transport hub and is responsible for the safe passage of nine million tons of cargo every year.

She told The Sunday Telegraph she hoped she would inspire other women to pursue careers in the marine sector, with numbers already on the rise.

“There is probably still a 70/30 split in favour of males with the people just coming into the industry,” she said. “But there are certainly a lot more young females coming through than there ever has been.

“The first association event I went to, I was asked if I was my boss’s secretary. About eight years ago, people didn’t expect to see any women at all.

“But I’d like to think I’m showing other girls that they can go far in the marine industry.”

Source: The Sunday telegraph