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An eco-friendly hull cleaning system which claims to protect ports’ waters from pollutants is now available globally.

HullWiper said that it does the job without compromising the delicate marine environment or risking penalties for contaminating port waters with removed fouling.

“Shipping is the ultimate global industry, so it is important for us to enable vessel owners and operators to use HullWiper whenever and wherever they need it,” said Simon Doran, managing director, HullWiper.

“Our new leasing scheme does just that, and we believe it will also drive further operational improvements, raise environmental performance standards, and improve safety during hull cleaning at hundreds of ports around the world.”

HullWiper uses adjustable pressure seawater jets to dislodge fouling and eliminate the risk of damage to expensive hull coatings associated with conventional methods using brushes and abrasives.

Further, removed residues are captured for safe, ecologically-approved disposal on land, with no debris released into the sea. The cleaning process is monitored using CCTV cameras.

No divers are needed so associated costs and the potential risk to human life is eliminated. Cleaning can be carried out day or night, and in most weather conditions, even when loading or unloading is underway whilst the vessel is in port, saving valuable time and money.

HullWiper is already used at key shipping hubs including Dubai, Rotterdam, Valencia and Singapore.

The new expanded leasing scheme will help the company meet growing global demand.

Source:, 25 September 2017