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Hunterston Port and Resource centre is an innovative and unique new concept for Scottish industry with energy at its heart.

Bringing together some of Scotland’s most energy-intensive industries with low-cost, on-site power and heat generation, Hunterston PARC offers a unique opportunity to develop innovative, self-sustaining and cost-effective operating solutions.

On a 300 acre site, just 40 minutes from Glasgow and with road, rail and sea connections, Hunterston PARC offers infrastructure that enables efficient logistics and is an ideal location for the development of:Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 18.32.06

“The West Coast’s deep water port combines with rail and motorway connections and has in excess of 300 acres of development land to make this Scotland’s natural choice for handling and processing our industrial resources.”

Mark Whitworth, CEO, Peel Ports Group

Source:Peel Ports, 31 January 2018