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ICHCA is delighted to welcome the National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) as a new Association Member of the organisation. The NMSA represents the marine cargo handling industry in the United States and Canada in safety and health matters arising under various statutes, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Its objectives include the advancement of safety in marine cargo handling operations, the monitoring and giving of advice to regulatory agencies and acting as a clearinghouse in general on information necessary to help reduce the injuries and illnesses in the marine cargo handling workplace, plus many more.

Joining ICHCA International as a new Corporate Member is digital supply chain engineering company Marine Transport International (MTI) which develops software applications underpinned with Blockchain technology. MTI’s SOLAS VGM application creates a digital infrastructure in the landside supply chain, which allows not only for the secure sharing of container weights, but has the ability to be beneficial for the CTU code and collection of other relevant data surrounding the container pre-gate in.

Phoenix Terminal Solutions is a lighting manufacturer which exclusively serves container, intermodal and bulk terminals. The agency represents a select number of trusted brands that all share a common goal – offering modern technologies that deliver safety, operational and environmental benefits to terminals. Phoenix Terminal Solutions’ global sales network enables the immediate service and response that terminals require while streamlining the sales and procurement channel to deliver maximum value to customers.

A director of the dangerous goods training and consultancy company LRT Ltd, Les Richings has been involved in the transport of dangerous goods for over 25 years. His company has conducted training or consultancy work for a number of organisations and he is an active member of the Department for Transport Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Secretary of the Dangerous Goods Training Advisory Panel (TAP).

Yilport Holding Gemport Terminal is a marine terminal located in the Bursa Gemlik region in Turkey, one of 20 operated by Yilport Holding globally, in addition to its 6 dry terminals. The Terminal’s main services are general cargo handling, container handling, Ro-Ro operations, bulk cargo handling and, to a rarer degree, liquid ammonia handling. Yilport Holding has expanded its services to include trucking, railway transportation, mineral storage and loading, warehousing, container feeder vessel services, freight forwarding and more.

Peel Ports is a group of 7 seaports in the United Kingdom for multi-cargo port operations. The company says the ports are not just a safe haven for the loading and unloading of vessels but that they are a cutting-edge network of state-of-the-art facilities that will maximise the efficiency of the supply chain while reducing costs.

Technology company Yardeye focuses on automation and safety solutions for container terminals and intermodal yards. Implementing radar and RFID to increase safety and efficiency in container terminals, Yardeye works in a solution-oriented manner with customers at all levels in the supply chain. Its principal products include radar and controller technology for rough environment, very accurate and precise RFID and GNSS components for personal and equipment tracking, safety systems for cranes, vehicles and personnel.

Incoming Chairman of ICHCA International John Beckett said, “I am delighted to welcome our new Members and I look forward to meeting and working with them to achieve ICHCA’s aims as voice of the global cargo handling industry. Having been elected as the new Chairman of this influential and important organisation following ICHCA’s 65th anniversary conference in 2017, I look forward to steering ICHCA going forward and watching our Membership figure rise as we build our standing worldwide.”

Information about the benefits of ICHCA International Membership is available on our website:

This year, ICHCA is hosting a Technical Seminar in The Hague, Netherlands on 17th April, followed by the 79th meeting of ICHCA’s Technical Panel on 18th April. ICHCA Australia is co-hosting a Conference in Melbourne on 8-11th May. A further Technical Seminar and Technical Panel Meeting are scheduled for 18-20th September in Vancouver, Canada. More information on all ICHCA’s upcoming events will be available soon.

Source: ICHCA, 11 January 2018