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Gaining insight into port calls, nautical services, cargo and assets helps port authorities to optimally manage their operations and get the most out of their port. Digital solutions and data analysis play an increasingly important role in this. The modular management system Portmaster enables both small and large ports to lay a smart foundation to focus and monitor their objectives. And gradually increase their digital maturity level.

Portmaster is one of the digital solutions developed by the Port of Rotterdam Authority in recent years. These applications are also marketed as a service for other port authorities under the name PortForward. This way the Port of Rotterdam also enables other ports to benefit from the digital knowledge that has been built up in Rotterdam. The aim of which is to contribute to the creation of a worldwide network of ‘smart connected ports’.

Focus on port operations

‘As a management system, Portmaster is at the heart of the operations that take place in a port. Based on big data and artificial intelligence, it provides extremely accurate information about, among other things, vessel times of arrival and departure,’ says Jan Gardeitchik, Business Development Manager Digital at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Dashboards can be used to track the operational KPIs and monitor safety and sustainability performance of the port. Notable issues or incidents are quickly registered using the system. Portmaster can also keep track of information about cargo – which cargo is on board, or, in the case of cruise ships, how many people are on board. Operational details can be easily tracked and reported, which also improves the transfer of information between different shifts and departments . . . .

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