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We are pleased to inform that on 9th  January 2018, the long term lease agreement has been signed by Mr. Bill Reeves, CEO of Portland Port and  Mr. Sławomir Kalicki, President of Inter Marine Group.

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The IM Group, being on the market since 1990, has created a market competitive  group of companies which cover shipping  & logistics services, crewing & employment agency, international trade and last but not least marine engineering.

For the last decade, Intermarine UK Ltd., being the member of IM Group of companies, was active on UK marine engineering  market as a partner in different shipbuilding  projects completed by reputed  British shipyards.

Now, in the move to strengthen our presence on the UK shipyard services market we have decided to establish our own production facility  in the Portland Port located right at the English Channel. We have leased the industrial building  of 2400 sq. meters together with Work Yard of 1090 sq. meters, located in the very center of Portland Port where we plan to establish modern  production facility specifically designed and equipped to serve the most demanding needs for all kinds of shipyard services related to: fabrication, construction, maintenance and newbuilding catering for the needs of customers in the maritime industry as well as for  those looking for the civil engineering solutions.
Our intention is to establish Intermarine UK Ltd. Headquarters in the Portland Port and make it the center of our operations on the UK market.
Mr. Bill Reeves, the CEO of Portland Port said during the signing ceremony: “It is great news for Portland Port and the local economy that Inter Marine Group have decided to base their UK headquarters on Portland. There are exciting new job opportunities being offered by Intermarine, with more to come as they become established. We wish Intermarine every success with their new venture and look forward to a long, productive working relationship with them”.

Mr. Sławomir Kalicki, Group President of Inter Marine said: “Opening a production facility in Portland Port is a milestone in the development of our company. We have no doubts it will be successful project, not only for our company but also for Portland Port and the local community. We have made substantial investment in brand new, top class machinery  and dedicated team of professionals  ready to serve the most demanding needs for all kinds of shipyard and ship repair services: fabrication, construction, maintenance and newbuilding.
Our aim is to cater for the needs of customers in maritime industry as well as for those looking for civil engineering solutions. We expect our facility to be fully operational in March 2018.”

For further information about Intermarine UK Ltd ot Portland Port Authorities please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Source: Intermarine, 19 January 2018