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Join Us for the Barge Owners Seminar – Glasgow 2018!

Malin Group Events presents the first seminar dedicated to Barge Owners, Charterers, and Operators, highlighting Business Opportunities and Legislative Requirements within the European Barge Industry.
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Business Opportunities and Legislative Requirements within the European barge Industry

The Seminar provided by Malin Group Events will include guest speakers covering a variety of topics within the barge industry including technical challenges and commercial opportunities, as well as a roundtable to discuss environmental requirements facing the industry over the next 5 years.

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

The Event is open to barge owners, charterers & operators and will last for a full day with a dinner planned to close the event.

Email us at [email protected] to request you ticket,


Details of speakers and presentation topics below:

The Barge Industry & Ballast Water Management Legislation

Guest Speaker: Giles Candy (Owner of Giles Environmental)

On 8th September 2017 the Ballast Water Management Convention entered into force. Giles will discuss the details surrounding the convention and how it applies to the barge industry today.  Giles will also cover US Coast Guard legislation. All barge owners must adhere to this legislation if they are planning any operations in US waters.

Ballast Water Management – Alternative Compliance Solutions

Speaker: Richard S. Lawson (CEO of Ballast Water Containers Ltd.)

Retrofitting a ballast water treatment system is fast becoming the most common method of complying with ballast water management legislation. However in some cases a retrofit is not the most suitable solution. Richard will present other alternative solutions for compliance which barge owners can consider when creating their ballast water management plans.

Preparing Barges for the Inventory of Hazardous Materials and Recycling

Speaker: Stuart A. McKenna (Technical Manager, Cleanship Solutions Ltd.)

Barge owners will soon have to comply with the European Union’s Ship Recycling Regulation 1257/2013. Stuart will be explaining what is an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), which will be required by all vessels over 500 gross tonnage based in or visiting the EU by 2020. Stuart’s presentation will also cover end of life options for barges.

Opportunities in the Offshore Energy Industries

Guest Speaker: Neil Golding, Head of Oil & Gas and Business Development at Energy Industries Council (EIC)

Significant spend is expected to be seen in the coming years in the energy industries globally. Offshore is becoming more attractive as an investment area with a stabilising oil price and an increase in demand for gas and clean renewable energy. Neil will discuss global opportunities that exist in the offshore oil and gas industry and the offshore wind sector.