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Availability and performance guarantees are the way to improve cargo handling and efficiency in terminal operations, according to industry experts Kalmar in its latest Port2060 update.

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Kalmar has followed on from previous insights into artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles (AV) and said availability and performance guarantees are based on “a simple idea that can be extended in various dimensions based on the customer’s needs.”

The ultimate aim, according to Kalmar, is a performance-based business model, in which it does not get paid by the number of container handling machines it sells or leases, but by the performance of the machines in question, such as completed container moves per hour.

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To start this process Kalmar says, one must begin at the first level – the rental business. Instead of selling machines, the company leases them to its customers and ensure the machines are available and maintained according to a defined schedule.

After that, Kalmar calculates what size fleet it needs in order to ensure the required number of operational machines at all time. The key point for all parties is that once Kalmar is responsible for not only the machines, but also their connectivity, optimization and maintenance, it can higher levels of performance and availability than traditional maintenance models.

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