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Why Attend?

Following on the success of MMS 2016, the Malta Maritime Summit 2018 will yet again be different as it will stimulate heated but constructive debates among speakers, panellists and delegates.

Why I should attend!

I cannot afford to miss out because I understand that a strong debate on pertinent maritime issues is anticipated. As such as a maritime stakeholder who has a vested interest I believe that my contribution could have a direct bearing on the outcome of this summit. I therefore need to be present in order to voice my opinion on how I am and could be affected both directly and indirectly. I also see this as a unique opportunity to learn first-hand the views and position of other stakeholders and consequently it is also an ideal event for networking.

Among the discerning Maritime Stakeholders

Who are the Industry’s Stakeholders

Executive Maritime Stakeholders particularly Ship-owners, managers, operators, charters, cruise liner operators, brokers, legal practitioners and service providers, financial practitioners and advisors, accountants, financial institutions, banks, fund managers, equity investors, ship agents, port authorities, freight, average adjusters, haulage, Insurance providers, logistics and storage providers, bunkering agents bunker fuel suppliers, ship yards, ship repairers,  sale & purchase, forwarders, crewing agents, P & I clubs,  Hull insurers, Ship registration agents, Flag state administrators, surveyors, Terminal operators and Transhipments service providers.

  • Ship-Owners,managers, operators, charters, cruise liner operators and brokers
  • Ship agents, port authorities, freight forwarders, average adjuster and   haulage
  • Insurance providers, logistics and storage providers
  • Bunkering agents and bunker fuel suppliers
  • Financial practitioners, advisors, accountants, financial institutions, banks, fund manager and equity investors
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Logistics and storage providers
  • Ship registration agents
  • Legal practitioners and service providers
  • Crewing agents
  • P & I clubs and Hull insurers
  • Terminal operators and Transshipments service providers
  • Flag state administrators and surveyors
  • Ship yards and ship repairers

Why a Maritime Summit?

The first Malta Maritime Summit, held on the eve of Malta’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in October 2016, turned out to be an even greater success than expected. With this success still very vivid we are highly motivated and looking forward to the second edition which will be held between the 1st and the 5th October, 2018. Again this is a unique opportunity where highly influential international maritime executives will meet, to discuss and analyse the current European Union Maritime strategy and its global impact particularly on the European stakeholders and players. The conference will be spread over four and half days and is intended to stimulate various debates with the scope of reaching conclusions and make proposals which will be formally presented to the Prime Minister and other policymakers in Malta as well as to the various international stakeholders for their consideration.

Why Malta?

Malta has always been a maritime nation as its location has made it historically the most sought after island in the Mediterranean, by traders and world powers alike. As the Maritime world evolved, Malta’s nautical importance came to the fore. As it ranks top of the European maritime league and sixth in the world, Malta has asserted itself as a major player not only as a flag State but in all the other aspects of the maritime industry. It is now a major player in this highly competitive world and therefore its responsibilities and obligations have increased tremendously.

Consequently, the summit will yet again drop anchor in Malta’s capital city, Valletta, the European Capital of Culture 2018 – the heart of beautiful heritage and the natural Grand Harbour used since Phoenician times.

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