• Ports welcome the Government acknowledgement of the success of the UK’s major ports.
  • We particularly welcome recommendations to enable more port investment that boost UK’sability to trade with the world post Brexit and grow jobs for coastal communities.
  • Setting a long-term vision for the UK’s vital maritime sectors is a positive step forward and we look forward to working with Government on the all-important implementation.The UK Major Ports Group (“UKMPG”) welcomes the Government’s Maritime 2050 Strategy. The Strategy lays out the vital role that the maritime sectors, including our ports, play in the UK economy and all of our lives today. Importantly, UKMPG welcomes the forward focused, pro-investment approach of the Strategy to infrastructure development and innovation.The Strategy highlights how ports handle 95% of the UK’s trade in goods. It sets out how the sector has successfully adapted over time to continue to enable UK industry, secure our supplies of everyday essentials like food and energy. It also highlights how our largest ports have continued to invest heavily in the UK, attracting funds from around the world to develop our global gateways.

    Looking forward UKMPG particularly welcomes recommendations that improve conditions for trade and job boosting investment, as well as driving innovation and connectivity such as:

Establishing Port Economic Partnerships; Reviewing the Ports National Policy Statement and considering publishing a policy statement indicating a presumption of support for port-centric developments; A long-term commitment that all commercially available land around UK ports will be in use or have a clear plan for future use; Considering the potential for key freight routes to boost trade connectivity; and Proposals to support the digitisation of ports and a maritime innovation hub at a UK port.

With Brexit just around the corner, moves to improve how the UK develops its ports – it’s keygateways for trade with the world, handling 95% of physical trade – and surrounding connectivity and infrastructure are extremely timely. A number of recommendations offer the potential tounlock the potential of the UK’s Coastal Powerhouse by boosting the potential for investment in andconnectivity of often hard-pressed coastal communities.

Tim Morris, of the UK Major Ports Group, said: “Its welcome to see the Government acknowledgingthe value and success of the UK’s ports, ports which handle 95% of all the UK’s trade in goods.Setting out a long-term vision for the UK’s maritime sectors is a positive step forward. The recommendations around further boosting the potential for ports to add to the £600 million they already invest each year, growing the UK’s ability to trade with the world and – crucially – boosting jobs and prosperity growth in our Coastal communities are particularly welcome and potentially transformative. We look forward to working with the Government in the all-importantimplementation phase to realise this potential.”

The UK Major Ports Group is the trade association representing most of the larger commercial ports in the United Kingdom. It has nine members, who own and operate over 40 ports, accounting for 75% of the total tonnage handled in UK ports.

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About the UK Major Ports Group

The UK Major Ports Group Ltd (“UKMPG”) is the trade association representing most of the largecommercial ports in the United Kingdom. It has nine members who, between them, own and operate over 40 ports, accounting for 75% of the UK’s seaborne trade. UKMPG members annuallyinvest around £550 million in the UK, likely to be 90% of all investment in the UK ports sector. The members of UKMPG and their facilities make a highly significant contribution to the UK in several ways:

  1. Vital for UK trade: With 75% of UK seaborne trade passing through the facilities that they operate UKMPG members are crucial for the success of a confident, global trading nation in a post Brexit environment;
  2. A key driver of UK economic growth: UKMPG members facilitate strategic UK supply chains, such as the automotive sector (7 out of every 10 cars made in the UK are exported via a UKMPG member), and are important regional drivers of jobs and wealth for Britain’s coastaland waterways communities;
  3. Setting the standard: Through their expertise and scale UKMPG members provide leadership and critical mass for the development of innovation, skills and industry best practice; and
  4. A sustainable sector: UKMPG members make a major contribution to more resource efficient UK and world through, for example, enabling modal shift, supporting renewable energy and driving forward operational and environmental best practice.

Current UKMPG members are Associated British Ports, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, The Bristol Port Company, DP World London Gateway, Forth Ports, Hutchison Ports UK, PD Ports, Peel Ports and the Port of London Authority.

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