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The Maritime Futures programme will seek to understand the future shape of the UK maritime sector through the exploration of a broad range of drivers of change, ascertaining which areas will have the greatest impact. Then, having formulated a vision of what the future holds, the programme will establish what the sector needs to do to respond to and capitalise on such a scenario. Change factors that the programme will examine include urbanisation, water, climate change, convergence, demographics, food, oceans, poverty, energy and waste. The initiative will also make use of existing research, like the UK’s Government Office for Science’s Foresight project regarding the future of the sea, and outlook projects led by Maritime UK members — for example, British Marine’s futures project or the British Port Association’s.

The futures programme will start by focusing on future skills and then move on to other areas. The output from each workshop will help inform those that follow. The workshops will invite participants to identify the drivers for change for the UK maritime sector, pinpointing which change-causing factors will have the largest effect on industry and determining the potential extremes of that impact. From that, the participants will determine the main areas of opportunity for the future.

Future Skills Workshop:

Objective: The workshop will seek to understand the future skills and people challenges arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will impact upon the Maritime Sector and develop a Futures Agenda for the Maritime UK Skills and People Forum.