Maritime UK launches Maritime Masters programme

Maritime UK launches Maritime Masters programme

Maritime UK launches Maritime Masters programme

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Maritime Masters

Maritime UK’s Maritime Masters programme is strengthening links between UK industry and academia. The programme promotes academic excellence amongst students and their universities, whilst providing valuable research to support the maritime sector’s work.

The UK is the world’s maritime centre. Its offer in maritime services, encompassing education and research, is globally recognised and valued. The programme will help celebrate these academic and research assets.

Students have adopted research topics proposed by industry as their Masters Dissertation thesis and will have the opportunity to present their findings to industry leaders at a high-level London event in November on completion of their studies. Industry leaders will vote for their winning research, and that student will win a cash prize. Participating students will be able to gain work experience opportunities within industry.

The University courses chosen represent a broad overview of UK academic abilities. A single research proposal is offered to each individual university course. The courses identified will range from naval architecture to maritime economics, ship management to shipping law. The research projects, which will be tailored by University academic staff, will be related to contemporary issues concerning the UK maritime sector and its position within the global maritime environment.

Any student enrolled on the participating university’s selected course is eligible for the project. Students are chosen by an internal process within their University. The University also sets the criteria for selection.

Collaboration in the maritime sector is currently at an unprecedented level. The Maritime Growth Study encouraged the various parts of the sector – across shipping, ports, marine, services, engineering and leisure marine – to work together. Since then, much has been achieved, and created a culture for further collaboration and delivery. The Maritime Masters programme, with research topics cutting across the sector, further cements cooperation. The programme also brings industry and academia closer together, reflecting the increasingly collaborative relationship, not least in the development of the maritime sector deal.

The programme web pages will be updated over the coming months to share information about the participating students, their universities and research.

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