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Event: Maritime UK-India Opportunities Forum

Maritime UK is working with the Department for International Trade and the UK-India Business Council to organise a Forum to increase awareness of the numerous Indian maritime opportunities for British companies.

India and the UK are two great maritime nations. Endowed with a vast coastline of 7500km and navigable waterways of over 14,000km, India boasts of rich maritime heritage. Thus, the maritime sector has the potential to be a hugely significant driver of Indian growth, and the Indian government has rightly recognised the scale of the opportunity. Sagar Mala and other initiatives are exciting, and the UK wants to help India realise those ambitions.

This Forum, to be held in London on 2 May, following the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, will inform British business of the opportunities across India. Attendees will learn about projects and initiatives including Sagar Mala, the Ganges River project, Assam Ferry Project, and numerous defence opportunities.

Britain is confident in its maritime offer: cutting-edge technology, high-quality design and manufacturing, unparalleled services expertise and major investment opportunities. By applying UK expertise and specialism, the UK can help India realise its maritime ambitions.

As the UK leaves the European Union, it must look to strengthen relationships with countries across the world, and India must be front and centre in that mission. As one of the fastest growing economies, India’s maritime ambition, coupled with UK expertise and renewed focus on global trade, offers a powerful vehicle for mutual economic growth.

Spaces at the Forum are limited, so we advise early registration.

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