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Survey respondents also predicted the UK’s maritime sector to continue to grow

Britain is viewed as one of the world’s leading maritime centres, and a highly competitive place to do business globally, a survey conducted by Maritime UK has found.

A survey released to coincide with the start of London International Shipping Week, when global maritime industry leaders gather for 160 industry events and networking opportunities, found that an overwhelming number of respondents believe British maritime to be in rude health.

More than 84% of respondents agreed that the UK is a globally competitive place to do business while 76% believe that the UK is amongst the world’s leading maritime centres.

“The survey shows that despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, British maritime is in excellent health” said David Dingle, chairman of Maritime UK.

“Thanks to the quality of our products and services, our maritime heritage, legal system and language, Britain is considered a top-tier, world-leading maritime centre.”

A report also released today found that the maritime sector had experienced 12.7% growth in turnover nationwide over a five-year period, and GVA increased by 3.9%. It also found that employment has risen by 3.9% over the same period nationwide.

The maritime sector now supports a total 957,300 jobs across the economy and contributes £37.4bn to UK GDP.

“As the engine of British trade, the UK maritime sector supports nearly 1 million jobs, contribute tens of billions to the UK GDP and drive exports as well as inward investment,” Mr. Dingle said.

The importance of the sector will only grow post-Brexit. We’re supremely confident that we can play a crucial role in positioning Britain as a leading, outward-looking, global trading maritime nation.”

Asked why the UK remained a world-leading maritime centre,

  • 82% identified the UK’s maritime heritage
  • 67% identified the UK’s legal system
  • 66% identified the English language
  • 46% identified the UK’s offer in maritime business services
  • 45% identified the ease of doing business in the UK

Other findings:

  • 62% of global industry leaders were either ‘very’ or ’somewhat likely’ to consider the UK as a relocation destination.

Source: MaritimeUK, 10 September 2017