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The MSA has welcomed the Government’s initiative and made a number of proposals in our response to its Industrial Strategy green paper.

1 The maritime sector offers excellent prospects for growth, so we are actively supporting the work which Maritime UK is leading to put together a Sector Deal for the maritime sector.

2 As one of the most international sectors in the economy, we will flourish best within a regulatory regime which recognises that reality, and which helps us to build on its strengths. In a modern economy “brightest and best” means much more than the academic elite, and the UK’s visa policy should reflect that.

3 We applaud the Government’s support for technical education, but with apprenticeship policy settling down at last we are anxious to avoid a further protracted period of disruption as technical education is reformed.

4 We very much value the maritime clusters round our shores, but we also want to make sure that where national arrangements make more sense, policy should allow for them.

The full text is here: response to the Industrial Strategy green paper.

Source: Maritime Skills Alliance