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New Research from Arup Report on Ports and Air Quality

Kalmar FastCharge DPW LGW shoot-62The UK Major Ports Group (“UKMPG”), the body representing the global gateway ports for 75% of the UK’s seaborne trade, today held a roundtable briefing and discussion on ports and air quality with a cross section of participants from industry, Government and NGOs.  The briefing was based on the emerging findings from research, commissioned from leading air quality specialists Arup.

The research looks at data for three ports representing a range of characteristics to examine trends and key drivers in air quality in the areas around the ports, as well as activity on the ports itself. The report goes on to catalogue and evaluate a range of air quality improvement options in terms of potential impact and feasibility.

Tim Morris, Chief Executive of the UK Major Ports Group commented “Major ports can and will do more to continue their record of AQ improvement. But today’s report is clear that to make a major difference in urban areas around ports the improvement requires more than the port itself acting. All stakeholders – industry and Government at different levels – need to play their parts to deliver meaningful impact. We collectively need to find solutions that achieve the joint goals of better air quality and ensuring that the U.K. gets the best out of its global gateways.”

Source: UK Major Ports Group

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