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Later this month Stena Line will introduce Stena Embla onto its Birkenhead to Belfast route, adding 20% extra freight capacity

Stena Embla will start operating on the Birkenhead to Belfast route

Stena Line will increase freight capacity by 20% on its Birkenhead to Belfast ferry route this month when its new vessel comes into operation.
Currently, Stena operates up to two return crossings a day, seven days a week, on the route, using the Stena Mersey and Stena Edda vessels. Stena Edda is one one of the company’s new generation of E-Flexer ferries and replaced Stena Laganon the route in 2020.
Later this month Stena Embla, another E-Flexer ferry, will replace Stena Mersey. The new ship has the capacity to carry 1 000 passengers, 120 cars and 3,100 lane metres of freight. It will increase freight capacity on the Birkenhead to Belfast route by 20% and will help meet an expected post-Brexit surge in demand.
Stena Mersey will join its sister ship Stena Lagan in Turkey where both vessels are being extended, before re-deployment on the Baltic Sea. Stena Embla has now arrived in Belfast and is being readied for deployment.
The introduction of the new vessel is part of a multi-million pound investment into the route. In 2019, Stena and Peel Ports, owner of the Twelve Quays terminal at Birkenhead, jointly invested £17m in an upgrade of the facility to prepare it for the introduction of the new vessels.
Paul Grant, Stena Line’s Irish Sea trade director, said: “The arrival in Belfast of our newly-built Stena Embla is yet another important milestone in the ongoing enhancement programme of our Irish Sea services. We have now invested over £400m in our ferries and port facilities on the Irish Sea in recent years.

Stena Mersey will be used on a route in the Baltic Sea. Picture by HowardLiverpool

“The Birkenhead to Belfast route is one of the most popular Irish Sea crossings for both freight and leisure traffic so having a second vessel of the calibre of Stena Embla, with a host of high-quality passenger facilities, will further increase its appeal and expand our capacity . . . .
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