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10th Annual (2018)

UK Ports Conference


Tuesday 22 May – Wednesday 23 May 2018

10th Annual (2018)

UK Ports Conference

Identifying opportunities for growth and delivering port infrastructure to support emerging markets and respond to trade and shipping patterns

Tue 22 – Wed 23 May 2018 Congress Centre, Central London

Now in its 10th year, the UK Ports Conference is an essential update for the UK ports industry that brings together senior representatives from across the ports, shipping and maritime sectors to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the port sector, now and in the coming years. Taking place over two separately bookable days, this unique event provides the latest updates on policy issues and current trends, while also exploring port development opportunities and how infrastructure can be successfully delivered.

Offer expires Friday 27th April 2018.

Excellent forum for updating knowledge of key industry issues.

Why should I attend?

Day 1 will feature the latest updates on policy issues, current shipping and trade trends to help you forward plan for both the short and long term. Join senior port representatives to explore the possible implications of Brexit and how ports can be prepared. Examine the plans, and what improvements are needed, for national infrastructure to better support ports, including how to improve port connectivity.

Day 2 will provide the latest insight on the opportunities for port development, reviewing the emerging commercial and investment opportunities for ports, as well as how to plan and deliver the infrastructure needed to support these. Attend to hear how to incorporate emerging technology into your forward plans, and how these can be used to improve port operations.

Who will I meet?

  • Port operators and owners
  • Ship owners and operators
  • Harbour authorities
  • Government, local authorities and LEPS
  • Rail freight operators
  • Institutional investors
  • Maritime trade unions
  • Environmental groups and environmental lawyers
  • Property developers
  • Consultants – planning, environment and economic forecasting
  • Port infrastructure specialists
  • Safety, training and skills bodies
  • Road freight companies
  • Transport specialists