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OceanWise win contract to deliver servicing to Peel Ports Group via a Service Level Agreement

In 2021 Peel Ports, one of the largest port groups in the UK, signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with
OceanWise to deliver consistent, reliable servicing and maintenance to the wide variety of environmental
monitoring systems and sensors that Peel Ports have in place across all Peel Ports sites.

The Peel Ports Group is made up of 7 strategically located ports across the UK and Ireland stretching from
Clydeport in Scotland down to London Medway in the Southeast.

At each of these sites is a variety of systems and sensors delivering realtime environmental data for key port operations including pilotage, vessel management and hydrographic surveys. As well as providing historical data records for environmental impact studies and analysis.

Peel Ports recognised that waiting until there is a problem was no longer an option and they need a more
proactive approach to their servicing and maintenance. In 2021 they contracted OceanWise to deliver a
systemised plan under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which would bring a multitude of benefits to the
business including fewer unexpected failures, less data outages and improved confidence which supports
their situational awareness and decision making.

Importantly, they needed a supplier they trusted to deliver ‘technical management of outages, strategic
spares and fault finding’. They needed reliable support within their prescribed response parameters.

Thanks team, great work, this is exactly what our SLA was supposed to deliver with a proactive approach”

Russell Bird, Peel Ports Group Hydrographer

The solution:
Using experienced engineers, OceanWise has been delivering annual servicing and maintenance to Peel
Ports as well as emergency call outs and out of hours remote support.

Their unique experience with environmental monitoring systems and sensors allows them to diagnose any
existing issues quickly, spot potential future problems and ensure Peel Ports data is delivered to those who
need it, when they need it.

By maintaining, testing and servicing the equipment, OceanWise are able to extend its lifetime and improve
the return on investment for this important customer.

We have enjoyed working with Peel Ports for the last ten years and had already built up an excellent
working relationship. The delivery of an SLA was a natural extension to the work that we’re delivering and
allows us to ensure that their systems stay reliable, and their data is protected from the ground up.

Caroline Levey OceanWise Managing Director

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OceanWise win contract to deliver servicing to Peel Ports Group