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PD Ports, owner of Teesport and legal guardians of the River Tees, has invested in a new £1.3m pilot vessel.

L-R: Maurice Brooksbank, Mia-MacDonald, Frans-Calje, Andrew Ridley.
The vessel known as the Stainsby will facilitate the safe transportation of pilots to and from vessels as they enter the river.
It will replace the Coatham pilot vessel which will now find a new home at the Port of Tyne after racking up 800,000 miles servicing the River Tees over a 20-year period.
PD Ports chief executive Frans Calje said: “As the legal guardians for the River Tees, our primary job is ensuring safe navigation for vessels. It is our duty to ensure the river is managed safely and effectively when fulfilling its potential to support future trade growth across the Tees Valley and the UK as a whole.
“Together with fellow businesses along the river, Teesport already contributes in excess of £1.4bn to the economy each year. This investment will enable Teesport to continue servicing the river and the region as we secure the Tees Valley in pole position for international trade growth opportunities.”
The Stainsby, which can travel at speeds of up to 24 knots, also benefits from a low emission engine to help keep fuel consumption low. The vessel also features touch screen navigation and dynamic shock monitoring.
Paul Brooks, Harbour Master, said: “The arrival of the Stainsby means that we have the best technology, built to the highest engineering standards, which will provide a safe and stable platform for pilots and keep Teesport open for business.”
Source: Insider Media website