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(L-R) John Miller, Senior Safety & Environment Manager, Patrick Walters, Chief Operating Officer.

As the safety lead for all bulk operations at the Port of Liverpool, John Miller is in charge of overseeing health and safety practice across very different terminals. In his role as senior health and safety environmental manager he takes the view that managing H&S should not be seen as a separate activity from the business, but instead, should be considered as an integral part of day to day working practices.

As he explains: “It’s important that everyone working on our sites is competent in the job they are doing. Given the scale of investment in recent years, the Port of Liverpool is a very positive place to be and it’s clear that there is a confidence and a pride amongst staff when it comes to looking after each other.”

With 35 years of H&S experience under his belt, John knows a thing or two about keeping people safe, and fully recognises the importance of communication in achieving this goal.

He continues: “Whether it is good or bad, we all need to be transparent in our approach because this is how we learn. By being honest with each other and conforming to the same rules we create strong, trusting relationships between managers, supervisors and visitors.”

John believes this positive attitude is down to the introduction of the Safety365 initiative and the consistency it has given to health and safety practices, despite the varying risks which exist across the business.

John concludes: “There is now a collective understanding that all accidents are preventable and that working safely is everyone’s responsibility. This is down to solid management and robust training which gives people the confidence to carry out their jobs in the safest ways possible. The culture shift since the introduction of Safety 365 has been huge, and each day it’s heartening to see everyone pull together to continually make things better and safer.”

Peel Ports: 2 March 2018