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Peel Ports Clydeport undertakes regular maintenance dredging on the River Clyde and has been investigating opportunities for the beneficial re-use of dredged material. This follows the success of a similar project in Liverpool Bay which received a PIANC Working with Nature Award in 2018.

Clydeport has met with a variety of stakeholders and regulators to develop a long list of suggested sites and is now in the final stages of determining a trial site.

Beneficial re-use of dredged material could provide a dual opportunity:

  • to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the distance dredged material is transported to the existing offshore disposal site; and
  • through sacrificial placement, to maintain intertidal carbon sinks which are otherwise projected to erode due to climate-change derived sea level rise.

In addition to climate change mitigation, the project also has the potential to enhance habitats and protect infrastructure.

Source: British Ports Association website