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By Zara Giles,Group Business Development Manager at Peel Ports

As Group Business Development Manager, my role centres on creating innovative and transformative supply chain solutions for bulk and agri-bulk customers, ensuring added-value is applied through our UK and Ireland Group offer.

Each year around 300 million tonnes of bulk products are handled in UK ports, with 40-50 million tonnes of this coming through our ports alone.

The bulks challenge

The importing and exporting of Bulk commodities makes a significant impact to UK trade. The capability, location and efficiency of moving bulk cargo is essential in securing the supply-chain remains robust and profitable.

Managing a bulk supply-chain comes with its own unique set of challenges. These include asset management, infrastructure and the need for specialised handling equipment, such as a fleet of harbour mobile cranes.

UK businesses have historically been heavily dependent on road haulage.    The challenges now being faced in relation to road congestion, environmental impact through carbon emissions and the threat of a driver shortage means alternative solutions to move cargo is also required.

A high demand for specialist storage is also needed, to accommodate seasonal trading at particularly times of the year.

A strategic approach to bulk logistics

My role involves aligning our team of industry experts, extensive assets, technologies and facilities, to deliver customer-centric solutions that ensures security of supply. I am also responsive to ensuring we are able to support the on-going challenges facing the industry.

Our recent long-term partnership with one of the world’s largest agricultural processors, ADM Agriculture, exemplifies the value of this joined up strategic approach.

In 2018, we worked with the global company to develop a unique group strategy, which would drive investment and development through our port facilities and significantly expand ADM’s existing UK operations. Our UK offer will see a combined throughput of 1 million tonnes of animal feed imports each year.

The partnership takes advantage of investments in new technologies, including a new IT platform alongside new plant, warehousing and cargo handling equipment. Such development of technologies is required to facilitate the efficient movement and storage of bulks, and must be tailored to the constraints of specific value chains.

As a Group, our capabilities are expansive but flexible. Our UK-wide network of deep-water ports provides ideal strategic locations for ease of getting cargo closer to their end destination, with access to industrial, manufacturing and population centres, and connectivity via road, rail, short-sea and deep-sea.

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