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Richard Goffin has been named the new boss of Sheerness Docks.

He replaces Paul Barker who will now head-up Peel Ports’ newly-created RoRo business.

Mr Goffin has spent the past two years as Port Director at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth. He will continue to do that job as well as run the docks at Sheerness and Medway.

Richard Goffin – new boss at Peel Ports, Sherness (sub) (1612925)

He will take over implementing Peel Ports’ 20-year Master Plan which has included converting the former Sheerness Steel plant. Long-term plans include building a marina off the coast of Sheerness.

Mr Goffin said: “I hope to replicate the exponential growth at Sheerness which we have seen at Great Yarmouth.

“My combined role will enable us to explore new opportunities and synergies between the two ports. This comes at a crucial point in the delivery of our Sheerness Master Plan and reconfirms our commitment to the future of the region.

“As well as exploring new commodities, our focus will also be to prioritise and enhance customer service, which will be key to facilitating strong development and growth.”

Unloading at Peel Ports Sheerness Docks (1615035)
Peel Ports Sheerness Docks (1615095)

Ambitious plans include land for expansion to support the creation of new logistics facilities allowing for the handling, storage and distribution of commodities such as automotive, forest products, construction materials, steel, containers and other bulk cargoes.

Since Peel Ports acquired Great Yarmouth in 2015 the port has significantly increased its turnover thanks to growth in an offshore windfarm.

Peel Ports’ chief executive officer said: “Richard has been an invaluable catalyst for the growth at Great Yarmouth thanks to his strategic thinking which is fully aligned with our aspirations as a Group.

“His expanded role comes at a crucial time for Sheerness as we progress our plans for growth and look to explore new opportunities over the lifetime of our Master Plan across a range of commodities.

“Richard will assume responsibility for the running of the port as well as supporting our strategy for sustainability and diversification.”

Source:, 24 April 2018